Evolutionary biology phd salary

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Multiple PhD Assistantships in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Texas A&M University – Texas

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Software Engineering. Career opportunity at Virginia Tech. Provides support for all required software products and course management systems. Manages the collection, organization Science Policy.

Survey the flora and fauna of BC Provincial Parks. University of Victoria British Columbia, united states. Environmental Sciences. Natural Resource Management. Practical Ecotoxicologist.

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A three year training programme designed to focus strongly on nanoparticle hazard, fate and risk assessment to provide task leadership and delivery on specific EU nano safety project NanoSolveIT, SAbyNA, Cell Biology.

Molecular Biology. We are looking for a person with a scientific focus in the automatic analysis of high-resolution image data Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Applicants should be particularly Computer Aided Design. University of Thessaly Larissa, greece.

Natural Products.

Master's Programme in Biology

The PhD will be enrolled in theIt is increasingly recognized that every organism is defined to a large extent by its microbiome and that host -microbe interactions are major driving forces in evolution. We seek to appoint an early-stage career tenure track Assistant Professor, focusing on host-microbe or host-parasite interactions, combining evolutionary theory with bioinformatic and genomic analysis.

Our goal is to recruit someone who will develop complementary research by contributing your skills and expertise to our existing research program to achieve common results. At IBED, we investigate how species relationships determine the structure and stability of biological communities, and how the integrity of these communities is influenced or compromised by processes such as species extinction, the introduction of non-native invaders, and the growth of harmful species.

Within EPB, our research comprises fundamental and applied investigations at the level of individual variation, population genetics and community dynamics, to understand the process of speciation, the evolution of resistance, the evolution of endangered and invasive species, and the evolution in the face of climate change. Specifically, we are working on evolutionary questions related to plant communities, plant-herbivore, herbivore-herbivore and predator-herbivore interactions, both within and between species.

As for education, the EPB Department is involved in the educational programs of the BSc-programs i Biology and ii Future Planet Studies, and the MSc-programs i Ecology and Evolution and ii Future Planet Ecosystem Science, and teaches courses in the fields of behavioral and physiological biology, field ecology, neurobiology and evolutionary biology, among others.

We offer a temporary employment contract for 38 hours per week with a tenure track agreement for the duration of five years which is part of a six-year temporary contract. The intention of the tenure is a permanent appointment as Associate professor level 2 after 5 years with intermediate promotion to Assistant professor Level 1. Are you curious about our extensive package of secondary employment benefits like our excellent opportunities for study and development?

What are you going to do? We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute to fieldwork courses in the BScprogram Biology.In this PhD position you will use experimental data and data integration approaches to unravel causal relations in plant-microbiome interactions under stress. Plant roots house one of the most diverse microbial communities on Earth.

Potentially these can be used to improve stress resilience of crops and enable sustainable food production.

PhD position Mechanisms underlying plant-root microbiome recruitment under stress

In collaboration with company partner Keygene you will look for relations between plant genotype and microbiome functionality changes under stress. You will collect experimental data on how a lack of phosphorus results in changes in gene expression, root exudate metabolite composition and microbiome recruitment in tomato.

From these data, using advanced data integration approaches and causal relationship analyses, you will look for evidence of decision points and trade-offs in changes in microbiome recruitment.

The selection of gene candidates will be further supported by a GWAS experiment in which you will look for genomic associations for microbiome recruitment in tomato.

A temporary contract for 38 hours per week for the duration of 4 years the initial contract will be for a period of 18 months and after satisfactory evaluation it will be extended to a total duration of 4 years. This should lead to a dissertation PhD thesis.

We will draft an educational plan that includes attendance of courses and international meetings. We also expect you to assist in teaching undergraduates and master students. Are you curious about our extensive package of secondary employment benefits like our excellent opportunities for study and development? PhD position Mechanisms underlying plant-root microbiome recruitment under stress Updated: 22 Dec link. What are you going to do? You are expected: to study the effect of phosphate starvation on plant root microbiome recruitment; to analyse causal relations between changes in gene expression, root exudate metabolite composition and microbiome composition and function; to analyse the trade-off between recruitment of the microbiome and other P-starvation responses; to supervise bachelor and master students.December 21, Staff Writers.

Have you always been fascinated by the ocean?

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If this sounds like you then a degree in marine biology might be the perfect fit. As a marine biologist, you will spend your day studying how different aquatic species interact with each other, as well as how human activity impacts those species. You will use your findings to advance the conservation and protection of these species, and you may even work with other scientific professionals to develop far-reaching solutions.

Explore our featured online programs and find the right match for you today. Marine biology is a specific branch of biology that studies the creatures that live in oceans and other bodies of salt water. As a marine biologist, you will spend your day researching and learning more about how these organisms interact with their physical environment.

evolutionary biology phd salary

You should always enroll in the program that will most closely align with your career goals and life circumstances. A quality program will include plenty of training in key science classes like botany, herpetology, and ecology, as well as in specific technology training in topics like geographic information systems GIS. Online degrees are affordable and high-qualityallowing you to complete your studies from the comfort of your own home.

Although job growth in the field of marine biology is slightly less than average, the field is expected to grow about four percent bythis is attributed directly to the fact that most marine biologists love their jobs — and therefore rarely leave them.

That being said, marine biologists tend to earn high average starting salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics groups marine biologists with other zoologists and wildlife biologists for data reporting purposes. Individuals who work for the federal government or in management, scientific, technical, or research services tend to earn the highest starting salaries. As a marine biologist, you will study the way animals and other creatures interact with their aquatic ecosystems.

You will study their physical characteristics, behaviors, and the impacts that humans have on their environments. You will design and conduct research studies with animals, either in controlled or natural environments, gathering biological data and specimens for deeper analysis.

evolutionary biology phd salary

You may also work to develop programs to help minimize the impact of human behavior on wildlife. You might write research papers, scholarly journals, or reports, and you will work closely with other scientific professionals to perform and present scientific experiences. Most marine biologists work for the state government, spending their days in laboratories, offices, and field settings. You might work for a college or university, or you could carry out unique research and development in the life sciences.

With this kind of degree, your options and work environment are varied and limitless. Many colleges and universities offer programs in marine biology, while others offer broader programs of study that allow for a concentration in this discipline. An undergraduate degree in marine biology will provide you with training in topics like ecology, wildlife management, cellular biology, and botany. You will also take courses that focus on specific groups of animals, like the study of fish known as ichthyology, as well as broader science classes like chemistry and physics.

You will be required to demonstrate strong communication and critical thinking skills, as well as a high level of scientific proficiency in order to enroll in one of these programs.

The best degree will be the one that best meets your career and personal goals, allowing you to study in a manner that is the most convenient for you.

The very best programs will be both affordable and flexible, while also providing strong academic quality. Before finalizing our list of the top schools, we analyzed how much each degree would cost and compared this to its overall value. Our goal was to create for you the most accurate list of the options available to you as you pursue the next steps toward an exciting career.

This will give you a more detailed overview of how we compile our final list of data. After we crunch the numbers, we narrow down our final list so that we can publish a list that includes only the very best schools for marine biology. As a result, our list is representative not just of the schools with the best programs, but also those that are the most affordable and flexible for any lifestyle.Please sign up with Life Science Network to see all job details. Over the past years, Vienna has developed into one of the leading centres of population genetics.

The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics has been founded to provide a training opportunity for PhD students to build on this excellent on-site expertise.

We invite applications from highly motivated and outstanding students with a love for evolutionary research and a background in one of the following disciplines: evolutionary genetics, functional genetics, theoretical or experimental population genetics, bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics. Only complete applications application form, CV, motivation letter, university certificates, indication of the two preferred topics in a single pdf received by January 17, will be considered.

Two letters of recommendation need to be sent directly by the referees. Depending on the project, PhD degrees will be awarded either in genetics, mathematics or statistics. PhD students will receive a monthly salary based on currently EUR 2. All information about the about available topics, the training program and the application procedure can be found at www.

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Application deadline is over. Available topics include: Evolution from de novo mutations - influence of elevated mutation rates. Evolution of sex-specific neuronal signaling.

Genomic architecture of reverse selection. Inference of selection signatures from time-series data. Long-term dynamics of local Drosophila populations. Temperature adaptation in Drosophila : phenotypic adaptation.

Understanding polygenic adaptation. Share, email or print. See also: phd student jobs in Austriaphd student jobs in Viennabiology phd student jobsbiology jobs in Austriabiology jobs in Viennabiology phd student jobs in Austriabiology phd student jobs in Viennacomputational biology phd student jobscomputational biology jobs in Austriacomputational biology jobs in Viennacomputational biology phd student jobs in Austriacomputational biology phd student jobs in Viennaevolutionary biology phd student jobsevolutionary biology jobs in Austriaevolutionary biology jobs in Viennaevolutionary biology phd student jobs in Austriaevolutionary biology phd student jobs in Viennamathematical biology phd student jobsmathematical biology jobs in Austriamathematical biology jobs in Viennamathematical biology phd student jobs in Austriamathematical biology phd student jobs in Viennaall jobs.

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Essential - mandatory, cannot be disabled. Analytics - recommended, but not essential, can be disabled. Read more about cookies in our Privacy policy.Analysis of local adaptation is one of the most active fields of research in evolutionary biology but despite enormous interest and a growing number of analysis tools, it is still a daunting task to obtain a comprehensive picture of the mechanisms of local adaptation at different levels of biological complexity.

This is because the relationships between the phenotype, genotype and environment are usually complex and include various confounding phenomena, including genetic drift, demographic history and phenotypic plasticity. Identifying humic substance-driven selective footprints in boreal lakes based on whole-genome SNP analysis testing the hypothesis that humic-acid driven adaptation in perch involves multiple biological processes, traits and genes associated with both abiotic low pH and O2, impaired visual environment and biotic factors, such as differences in parasite fauna.

Characterizing structural variation in perch and evaluate potential links to humic substance-driven adaptation. Predicting and characterizing slightly deleterious protein-coding variation in perch genome evaluating how small population sizes lead to increased frequency of slightly deleterious mutations. The project combines whole genome and transcriptome sequencing, measurements of ecologically relevant phenotypic variation and whole organism performance within common-garden framework.

The successful PhD candidate will be part of active international team working with genomics and molecular ecology of aquatic organisms. Duties: This integrative approach will lead the student to work in the field sampling and in the laboratory molecular analyses with focus on analysing -omics data.

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Qualifications required: To be eligible for a PhD-student position the applicant must hold a master degree or equivalent in Evolutionary Biology, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics or a related field. Candidates must be able to express themselves in spoken as well as written English.

The Train and the River

We are looking for enthusiastic PhD student for studying molecular mechanisms of humic substance-driven dark-water adaptation in Eurasian perch. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with experience in bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, genomics, or other closely related field of research.

Applicants with strong background in next generation sequencing data analysis, transcriptomics, population genomics or related fields will be highly ranked. It is desirable that candidates are familiar with one or more programming languages such as Python, Perl, or R. The PhD program covers four years of full-time study.

According to QS World University Rankings by Subjectthe Estonian University of Life Sciences is one of top universities in the world in the field of agriculture and forestry, ranked 51 to Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences is composed of 7 chairs. It performs high-level modern teaching and research and development activities in fields of veterinary medicine, aquaculture, animal nutrition, reproductive biology, genetics, breeding and biotechnology, food hygiene and food technology.

The research is carried out in various topics related to aquaculture and management and conservation of endangered fish and crayfish species: artificial reproduction, feeding and rearing technologies in recirculating aquaculture systems RASdomestication and selective breeding heritability estimates of important traits, QTL mappingpopulation, conservation and ecological genetics, genomics and transcriptomics genetic diversity, adaptation, host-parasite co-evolution, gene expressionbiology and ecology of indigenous and non-indigenous crayfish species, diseases of fish and crayfish etc.

To be eligible for a PhD-student position the applicant must hold a master degree or equivalent in Evolutionary Biology, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics or a related field. The responsibility for the jobs published on this website, including the job description, lies entirely with the publishing institutions.

The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes. Please contact support euraxess. Skip to main content. This site requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Estonian University of Life Sciences. Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences.

evolutionary biology phd salary

Higher Education Institute. Kreutzwaldi St. First Stage Researcher R1. Using perch as a model species, the PhD project aims at: 1. Qualifications desired: We are looking for enthusiastic PhD student for studying molecular mechanisms of humic substance-driven dark-water adaptation in Eurasian perch. Application: The application should include: 1 a letter of intent describing yourself, your research interests and motivation of why you want to do a PhD, and why you are suitable for the position, 2 your complete CV, including a short description of your education, 3 a copy of your master thesis if available and your course grades, 4 the names and contact information to at least two reference persons e-mail address and phone no.

More Information Additional Information.The position is to be filled by 1 July or as soon as possible thereafter, subject to negotiation. The Department of Biology employs about academic and technical staff and hosts research programmes and teaching curricula that cover all major biological sub-disciplines.

University rankings typically place the field of Biology at the University of Copenhagen first in Denmark and among the top universities globally. In addition to a PhD-programme, three BSc study programmes biology, biochemistry, molecular biomedicine and four MSc study programmes biology, biochemistry, molecular biomedicine, bioinformatics engage close to students.

A new Bioinformatics BSc programme is under development as a cross-departmental collaboration anchored at the Department of Biology. The department is committed to equality of opportunity and to creating an inclusive working environment that reflects the diversity of society.

We highly value a safe, informal, trusting and collaborative working atmosphere.

evolutionary biology phd salary

T he successful candidate is expected to take a leading role in the establishment of an externally funded research programme in evolutionary organismal biology. Another important task will be to bring in innovative research to imprint new course curricula, and integrate evolutionary biology in existing courses at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD-levels.

To a limited extent, the position may also include duties requested by the Department such as dissemination of scientific research or participation in local committees. The position is broadly described and not a priori designated one specific research section at the department. The candidate, however, is expected to explore interdisciplinary collaborations with all research groups at the department where such interactions will have clear synergistic benefits.

We welcome candidates studying any group of organisms. The ideal candidate will have ample experience in the application of molecular methods and an empirical research programme that bridges to evolutionary theory. It is expected that candidates have shown ability to, or have the potential, to establish a fundamental hypothesis-driven research programme in a key area of evolutionary organismal biology. Needed qualifications at the Tenure-track Assistant Professor level: The position requires an increasing publication trajectory in high-level, international, peer-reviewed ISI journals as well as some personal research grants or a designated by name part of major grants.

Research plans and publication record should delineate a clear potential for attracting external funding. An active network of international collaborations will be considered an important asset. If not already holding formal pedagogical qualifications, candidates are required to obtain pedagogical training equivalent to the University of Copenhagen Teaching and Learning in Higher Education programme for Assistant Professors.

Needed qualifications at the Associate Professor level: The position requires a track-record of successful external research funding as well as a strong publication record in high-level, international, peer-reviewed ISI journals. Formal pedagogical training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen teacher training programme is expected.

Finally, candidates are expected to have managerial and out-reach qualifications. Needed qualifications at the Full Professor level: Applicants are expected to have a significant track-record of attracting external research funding as well as a significant publication record in high-level, international, peer-reviewed ISI journals.

Formal pedagogical training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen Teaching and Learning in Higher Education programme is necessary.